cavi-101The Cavi 101 is especially developed for the user at Home. Do you want to get rid of excess fat and have the body you've always wanted naturally. No more waiting for weeks to see results. The Cavitation treatment yields immediate and long lasting results in areas most desired like stomach, face, arms, hips and even cellulite. Combined with a proper diet and healthy lifestyle, you CAN have the body YOU always wanted.

Body Sculpting is defined as “The optimization of the smoothness, definition or silhouette of the human physique”

What is the Cavitation treatment principle

Utilising a focused wave transmitter to project the high frequency sound waves (vibration) with a frequency of up to 40KHz (40,000 vibrations per second) the intense sound waves cause violent vibration within the fatty cell, and result in the production of innumerable vacuum air pockets inside and outside the fatty cell.

The fat cells are bombarded with such force that this causes the introversion and destruction of its membrane. The Triglyceride (membrane) decomposes into glycerine and free fatty acid. Using the higher frequency setting of 6MHz (6,000,000 vibrations per second) the sound waves cause the decomposition of the glycerine and the free fatty acids which are discharged outside the body through hepatoenteral circulation.

Finally, using the ultra high frequency energy locally causes the fatty cells to break-up resulting in a perceived tightening of the skin. Burn surplus fat, lymphatic treatment, skin tightening, improve skin elasticity Improve orange peel organization, body shaping.

This can be noticed just 10 minutes after the initial treatment. There will also be a significant increase in diuresis (the production of urine by the kidneys) in the hours following the treatment and this usually continue into the next day as the body metabolises the excess liquid and toxins.

A slight acidity and change in the smell and colour of the urine can be observed right after the first session with the cavitation treatment specially in patients with a considerable percentage of body fat.

Compared to the RF102 which was originally developed for Salon or Clinic use, the Cavi-101 is developed exclusively for home-use.


  • Effective for home use
  • Intensive physical lipolysis to remove surplus fat
  • Burning of surplus fat, lymphatic treatment
  • Skin tightening, improve skin elasticity
  • Cellulite reduction treatment, Improve “orange peel”
  • Body shaping / sculpting


  • Ease of operation
  • Unique lightweight design
  • Leading-edge technology
  • LCD touch screen display and visual interface application
  • Non-invasive, therefore painless with no recovery or rehabilitation time
  • Can immediately resume your daily activities after procedure


  • Safe and painless
  • No side effects
  • Non-invasive fat reduction and body shaping
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Compact and portable machine
  • Easy to operate


  • Working Frequency: 40Khz
  • Energy: 1-3 W / cm2
  • Active Surface: 12 cm2
  • Pulse type: Continuous
  • Voltage: 110 / 220V
  • Size: 37 x 33 x 21 cm
  • Weight: 1.5 kg