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This device has been licensed by the Department of Health. The device therefore complies with the Departments minimum safety requirements

Success Stories

"I always wanted a beautiful body, but were never the gym type of girl. The system is working for me as it only takes me 30 minutes a day."


"I have tried everything since my second child was born to lose the weight from the pregnancy, but I always had that extra 6kg. Since I started with the body sculpting system I lost 8kg and 9cm around my waist."


I was a little bit sceptic when I was told that I can loose between 3 and 5 cm with the first session. Wow! Do you know how good it feels after 30 minutes when you see the results! Do not wait, invest in the new you. I did!

Celestial Beauty Equipment is responsible for the distribution and marketing of the RF102 for professional salon use and the Cavi 101 for home use. Click on any one of our products to read more.

 RF102    cavi

The RF102 Ultrasound Body Sculpting System is a revolutionary fat reduction and body sculpting treatment that offer Salons and clinics the option to offer their clients a safe, painless, and non-intrusive way to remove unwanted fatty deposits. Ultrasound cavitation is a natural phenomenon that occurs when low frequency ultrasound is directed at fat cells...




The Cavi 101 Home Body Contouring System is especially developed to be used in the comfort and privacy of your own home - everything you need to reduce fat and the appearance of stubborn cellulite.


Now you can achieve a tighter, smoother body contour with the new Cavi 101.



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