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This device has been licensed by the Department of Health. The device therefore complies with the Departments minimum safety requirements

Success Stories

"I always wanted a beautiful body, but were never the gym type of girl. The system is working for me as it only takes me 30 minutes a day."


"I have tried everything since my second child was born to lose the weight from the pregnancy, but I always had that extra 6kg. Since I started with the body sculpting system I lost 8kg and 9cm around my waist."


I was a little bit sceptic when I was told that I can loose between 3 and 5 cm with the first session. Wow! Do you know how good it feels after 30 minutes when you see the results! Do not wait, invest in the new you. I did!

FAQs - General
Ultrasound Body Sculpting Lipolysis (also known as ultrasonic cavitation/ultrasound lipo/laser lipo/fat cavitation) is a new, revolutionary non-invasive European fat removal technique for sculpting and reshaping your body.
Completely non-invasive, ultrasound waves target fat cells and specifically melt the fat only, utilising a unique vacuum process which also helps move that fat out of the body through the body’s natural processes.
Depending on each client individually, 3 to 4 sessions per week over 3 to 4 weeks may be required Note: Ideally sessions should take place either before meals or 3 hours after meals
Treatment time is 20-30 minutes.
Our process shows instant results therefore you may see results after just one session. Typically results are between 4-14cm after session one. This obviously depends on how much fat you have to lose, your body mass and size. Optimum results are achieved in 5-10 sessions
Ultrasound Body Sculpting is perfect for both men and women who want to slim down stubborn areas of their body that are not affected by exercise alone. Results can often be seen immediately after you finish your first session of 40 minutes. What’s even better is the process continues to work over a number of weeks as the body naturally clears the fatty deposits without any surgery or pain.
Abdomen, waist, thighs, buttocks and arms
We suggest focussing on one area at a time for optimum results, which is why our 5 or 10 session passes allow you to have at least a few sessions in each area for optimum results. You can do 2 areas in a one hour session, but it is better to book a separate session for each area.
Our process is entirely non-invasive and not painful or dangerous to the body. It does NOT involve surgery, there is no need for anaesthetic, hospitalisation or time off work. The device is a certified medical device according to European CE standards (CE 93/42/EEC)

It must not be used on pregnant women, or women who may be pregnant , or generally on the following patients:

  • cardio paths patients with vascular diseases
  • patients with pacemakers
  • patients with thrombosis and /or thrombophlebitis
  • patients being treated with anticoagulants
  • patients who have undergone a transplant carriers of large metal prostheses, diabetics, epileptics
  • Children under the age of 12 years old

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